Our council and others thank the BLM for protecting Tribal consultation

April 26, 2021
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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced next steps in its review of several Public Lands Orders signed at the end of the previous Administration, and is emphasizing the agency’s intent to improve Tribal Consultation in land management decisions particularly where issues impacting subsistence hunting and fishing are concerned. Importantly, it has also been stressed that the department will honor the land selections for Alaska Native Vietnam Veterans under the Dingell Conservation, Management and Recreation Act of 2019. BLM Deputy Director for Policy and Programs Nada Culver states:

“The BLM will undertake government-to-government Tribal consultation as the first step in its review of five Public Lands Orders signed in January 2021. Consultation with Alaska Native Tribes will give us the best understanding of Tribes’ interests and equities in these lands as we begin our work, and will help inform our efforts to prioritize land selections by Alaska Native Vietnam Veterans. We are committed to moving forward expeditiously with our review, and will issue formal consultation notices within two weeks.”

Read the full press release.

The NBITWC council greatly appreciates the renewed commitment on the part of the BLM to working with Alaska Native communities on these critical issues. Along with many other Tribal groups and Native Villages, we recently signed a thank you letter to the BLM in support of this new action. Click here to read the letter.


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