Protect Alaskan Salmon from Corporate Greed! Tell Governor Dunleavy not to stop Alaskans from protecting critical subsistence rivers and streams.

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"Our watershed council is extremely important to the region. This watershed council gives balance to scientific and traditional data that ensures the health of our rivers."

                                                                                                                                                                                    -Emily Murray, Vice President

Who We Are

The Norton Bay Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (NBITWC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tribal organization focused on protection and sustainable management of water and subsistence resources, climate change adaptation planning, Alaska Native tribal sovereignty and environmental human rights in the Norton Bay Watershed, located on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska. 

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What We Do

The NBITWC has been organized to protect water resources of the Norton Bay Watershed located on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska for the benefit of NBITWC’s members and the public. NBITWC conducts legal and scientific research, analysis, lobbying, policy and advocacy in its efforts to protect and restore tribal interest in water quantity, water quality and water rights for the health of the watershed ecosystem, preservation of cultural identity and the benefit of tribal members. 

The Norton Bay Inter-Tribal Watershed Council organizes public gatherings to address issues that are impacting the Arctic. Civilized settlements and communities are witnessing their crucial infrastructure threatened by storm surges, eroding coastlines, degrading sea walls, melting sea ice, permafrost, and glaciers. Species in the Arctic are impacted by warming ocean temperatures and dramatic loss of sea ice. 

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